DSC00600The Braided Fox Baked Goods is a treasure chest for the gastronome filled with impeccable cakes and the finest gourmet pies. Here you can rest assured that everything is baked from scratch with no shortcuts using only the most superb organic ingredients all sustainably produced. We can guarantee you and your loved ones nothing short of perfection by combining ingredients that are harvested in our very own personal family orchards and gardens, teaming with local suppliers for grain and dairy and using family recipes that have been carefully handed down from generation to generation. It is through oral tradition and hands on baking experiences in the kitchen side by side that have allowed these secrets to be learned from the heart and soul of the rich ancestry from which they were truly birthed. We believe that in history lies tradition and in tradition lies excellence so our crops are still self harvested in rich Arkansas Mississippi Delta soil and have been producing for our family dating back to before the Reconstruction era. We are now ever so pleased to share our rich, time-honored gourmet goodness with you.